Covid-19 Safety Info

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We'll be open in Collegeville, Hatfield, and Skippack on June 26th. Here's what we're doing to keep you safe:

Booking / Waiting For Your Haircut

  • You can start booking appointments online or in the app again on Monday, June 22 at 8am
  • Any appointments already in the system will be deleted and we'll be starting fresh
  • No waiting in waiting room UNLESS you are waiting for a child or vice versa.
  • We will text you from our booking system when we are ready for you to enter, we ask that people wait in there car until that time.
  • No more walk ins for the foreseeable future. Sorry, just being safe!

New Safety Protocols

  • Going forward, there will be an additional $3 surcharge for each customer that will be allocated as follows:
    • Increases in our employees pay. Our employees are essential!
    • Labor costs for weekly deep cleaning services by an outside agency
    • A large increase in cleaning supplies and linens for cleaning between haircuts
  • In between clients all tools, chair and capes will be thoroughly disinfected and capes will be rotated out everyday through our laundry service
  • Face masks are required unless health restrictions don't permit their use.
  • Customers are welcome to use our counterless pay option from the convenience of there phone
  • Please use social distancing as best as possible

Have additional questions? Contact us at